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The journey toward an editor

The week started off with a bout of the flu, preceded by my partner and my mother also being sick. The housework got a little left behind, as did my workouts, and more importantly, my editing schedule. Unsurprisingly, it's a little hard to focus on refinement when your head feels like it's full of cotton wool.

I managed a meagre half an hour a day, though within each of these sessions I was forced me to move through progressively stronger prescriptions of glasses. At least I tried! The weekend was far more productive and I managed to plough my way through several chapters.

While I took a couple of days off work to recover from my malaise (both a word and feeling I've never truly appreciated until now), I began my hunt for an editor.

I'm loving right now. Check it out if you've never heard of it. There's far more than just freelance editors within its walls. Not sponsored, this is true love.

Anyway, it turns out I made a crucial mistake. At some point, for some unknown reason, I decided I was looking for a developmental editor. I know what a developmental editor is, what they do, and my book has already been through several developmental editing stages (both with myself and others). So why would I need a developmental editor? A good question that I should have asked myself. Let's blame the flu-induced fog-brain.

After lots of painstaking research, I felt that something wasn't quite right. I returned to the informative FAQ page of Reedsy, only to discover that (gasp) I was looking for the wrong kind of editor. I need a copyeditor. Duh. I already knew that. Back to square one. I guess the point is to know what kind of editor you need before you start looking. Or don't make business decisions in the middle of the flu. On another exciting note, I've began the first draft of a novella. Focusing on a secondary character who doesn't have a point of view in Union, the novella will be offered free to my newsletter subscribers.

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