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'Fantasy is storytelling with the beguiling power to transform the impossible into the imaginable, and to reveal our own “real” world in a fresh and truth-bearing light.’ - Leonard S Marcus

My daily grind involves content writing and knowledge management for a large organisation. When I’m not attached to my work computer, I like to squeeze our three cats (much to their chagrin), engage in linguistic wrestling matches with my partner or roll around on my yoga mat. A degree in writing and publishing and a diploma in yoga teaching remind me that I chose to quantify my passions with expensive pieces of paper, but I have no regrets about either one. 

Fantasy captured my heart when I was young, and it serves as the majority of what I read and write. Let’s throw in a good dash of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a sprinkle of Jonathan Safran Foer and a pinch of Lewis Carroll and we’ve made a meal fit for my queendom.  

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