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In the prequel to Union: Unwinding the spiral, follow the story of Hasting and Bella as they try to understand each other and discover what's wrong with their land. 

There's elemental power, forbidden magic, and an ill-fated romance.   

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June 7, 2022

Heredour. A land where humans wield elemental power, but magic is untouchable.


Wave has escaped Buduwai—the wizard-run program for teens called by the wrong god—but her anger at the world has only grown stronger. Set on becoming Heredour’s most powerful waterkin, Wave’s life implodes when a star crashes to her feet and an ancient curse is reborn. 


Jessandra is heir to one of Heredour’s many thrones, but she hasn’t been called by any of the gods. Terrified that something is wrong with her, she escapes the castle and her doomed betrothal. 


When Wave and Jessandra meet, they forge an unlikely alliance as they try to stay ahead of their enemies. People from all over the country are drawn into their vortex as the lies underpinning their society begin to unravel. When they try to leave Heredour, Jessandra falls prey to the High King’s wizards. 


Angry and afraid, Wave discovers the South Claw—a land lost to the ravages of a legend—and meets the ancient creatures who reveal the true origins of her curse. Wave knows she must finally accept her power and confront the wizards, but can she master her emotions in time to save Jessandra?