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In the prequel to Union: Unwinding the spiral, follow the story of Hasting and Bella as they try to understand each other and discover what's wrong with their land. 

There's elemental power, forbidden magic, and an ill-fated romance.   

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Coming soon - 2021

The island nation of Heredour is plagued by a host of environmental maladies. As the god-given elemental powers of the human race continue to fade, the ruling powers of Heredour have to contend with growing disillusionment from the populace. 

High King Reuben has re-introduced the ancient Law of Kaiaho, a decree that exiles youth who are called by a god of a higher or lower class than their parents. The non-human wizards, known to the common folk as Black Cloaks, are the enforcers of this Law, and are feared by the human population. 

In a small, seaside town in the north, Wave is in her final years of study as a waterkin. In stark contrast to the fading powers of most humans, Wave seems to possess an unparalleled gift in her goddess’ elemental power. Already distrusted by most of the townspeople, Wave must flee for her life when a star comes crashing to her feet and she is hunted by the notorious Black Cloaks. 

Wave’s quest to evade the wizards leads her to bond with other misplaced youth – Strath, a disenfranchised traveler whose unusual past has resulted in a vitriolic hatred of the wizards, and Jessandra, a princess in hiding. Wave begins to understand that she might have access to magic – a non-elemental power that belongs only to the Black Cloaks. 

When Jessandra is kidnapped by the Black Cloaks, Wave’s fear and frustration turns into a need for vengeance. Travelling into the desert to seek out the ancient home of the wizards, Wave must finally confront her enemy.